Watersport festival.

9. AUGUST 2019

It is the first time ever that Copenhagen Watersport Festival is taking place and it is not the last time. Only one person, Anissa Mohrath, was setting up everything to give the Copenhagen’ers’ an unique experience for free. Luckily, Anissa was not alone at the end because a lot of volunteers choose to help and make this event to a success in one part. The event had the purpose of supporting the project “Save the Ocean” with incoming sales from the bar, BBQ burgers & Hotdogs and Event T-shirts. Unfortunately, the people who enjoyed the free activities didn’t support the event on the other hand and there was a big lost. But this doesn’t mean it is the end of Copenhagen Watersport Festival. We will turn to a new chapter.

The volunteers enjoyed it as much as the people and visitors so they choose to help again next year. Now there is not only one person setting up the event but a whole group of passionated people that want to share their passion. We will come back in 2020 with a greater event but we cannot say too much for now.

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